Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bus Simulator 2008 will test your driving and business skill

Bus Simulator 2008 is a driving game where you will be the bus driver and drive through busy metropolitan roads and reach your destination in time. Bus Simulator 2008 combines driving and business simulation which tests both the player’s driving and business skills.

The game has 34 missions in a fictional megacity. According to your reputation and skill, the routes will become more difficult. Your goal is to reach your destinations in time and transport as many passengers as possible. You will lose points for reckless driving and late arrival. You have to choose from eight different bus models. Upon his success, the player will accumulate money and will be able to buy larger buses and he has to maintain them and have to devise ways to attract more passengers.

The game has a detailed city model with traffic and pedestrians. As a driver, you can have different view modes. You will also know about the weather conditions of the day. The user interface is very easy and there is an online score table. For more information about the game, visit the official website:

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