Thursday, July 3, 2008

All the Halo Fans: Bungie day is coming next week

Famous Halo creator Bungie Studios will be giving free goodies of Halo on July 7. The July 7 is known as “Bungie Day” among Halo fans. Among them there is going to be a new downloadable multiplayer map; Cold Storage. It is a multiplayer map based on Chill Out from Halo: Combat Evolved. Along with this multiplayer map you will get 7 new gamer pictures and a dashboard theme. The products will be available on Xbox LIVE Marketplace. You will also get the “Halo 3 legendary Map Pack” in lower price in 600 Microsoft points.

As I have mentioned earlier, this new map, Cold Storage is mainly based on Chill Out. It was once a vibrant research facility on Installation 05. An accidental contamination started outbreak and compromised the Forerunner center.

This year, eight million users can download Cold Storage. If you are Halo fan then make sure you download them on July 7. The goodies are available only for that day.

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