Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sony takes Firmware 2.40 offline within one hour of release

Within one hour after uploading on the internet, Sony stopped its latest PS3 update, firmware 2.40, as it started to receive complains from users. Firmware 2.40 was released on 2nd July 2008. Sony said that a small number of people submitted complaints about the update. They were facing problems while installing the firmware. Still, Sony has temporarily stopped the download and trying to identify the problem. Information week reports:

"I downloaded version 2.40, put in Metal Gear Solid 4 [video game] and I get a black screen forever," one customer wrote. "I can't even get demos to start."

A Sony spokesman confirmed that the company pulled the firmware off its servers while it investigates the problem, which he said was experienced by a "limited number of consumers."

After releasing the update, Sony started to receive complaints about it on its official PS3 message board.

There is no news of the owners whose PS3 consoles stopped working after downloading the update. Whether they will be able to fix it for themselves or have to send it to Sony. Sony said that in order to further assess they had temporarily taken the firmware offline for further testing. The firmware 2.40 was created to add Trophies and “in-game access.”

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