Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Ultra Optimized Crysis PC is coming your way at $700

In 2007, when Electronic Arts released PC game Crysis, it was severely criticized by the players as they were unable to play it on their pcs. Since then, the famous phrase was born, “Will they Run Crysis?”

Crysis achieved 91% ratings on an average but the main problem was its powerful hardware requirements. Anyway, Crytek and Nvidia joined and brought out The Ultra Optimized Crysis PC for Crysis gamers. Still there were some minor glitches. There was no mention whether games would have to buy the operating system. The pc case did not have any cooling fan. Another major problem was that the graphics card was not fitting properly.

Ultra PC’s product development manager, Garrett Bain, assured the gamers that every thing is fine. Bain said that the PC comes with pre-installed Windows XP Professional with latest SP. The PC also has case fans and comes with one year warranty. All the gamers have to do is to get a monitor.

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